Dear friends, in order to answer some of your questions, we decided to gather all information about the VOTES project in one message

Rounds completed:

Completed successfully.
The funds collected during pre-ICO are spent for organizing ICO Round 1 and advertising according to the project roadmap.

ICO Round 1
We regret to inform you that the round held in autumn completely failed, so we decided not to hold subsequent rounds.

Despite the unsuccessful ICO Round 1, the project team implemented the product and listed the VOTES token on the exchanges.
The VOTES team also provides an opportunity for everyone to exchange tokens for discount coupons from If you want to exchange, please write to [email protected] marked “coupon for Simpoll.”

Buy or sell tokens

You can buy or sell tokens on one of the exchanges:

Work with product

You can audience for your surveys
and earn for participation in surveys at