General issues
Who is the respondent?

This person is involved in completing the questionnaires for a fee (votes tokens).

How do I get an invitation to a survey?

Invitations to participate in paid surveys and surveys for tokens are sent to the e-mail indicated when registering on the site, in the case of sampling.

How can I get into the sample?

It does not depend on the respondent whether he will pass the sample or not. The sample is set up by the survey creators taking into account the research objectives and takes into account age, income level, residence, habits and other data from the respondent profile.

Questions about the organization
Who conducts paid surveys and pays tokens to respondents?

We only provide companies and individuals with research software, namely the SaaS platform for creating questionnaires and accessing the online panel of respondents. The creator of the paid questionnaire independently sets the cost of one response to its questionnaire and pays tokens to our respondents for taking part in the survey.

How often do the surveys arrive?

The frequency of receiving invitations to paid questionnaires depends on the parameters set by the companies conducting the research. If these parameters coincide with the data specified in your profile, you receive an invitation to a paid survey.

In other words, the more companies consider you their target audience, the more chances you have to earn. We try to prepare surveys for prize points for the widest possible range of respondents.

Rules and recommendations for working with the online panel
Is it compulsory to fill in the profile of the respondent?

Yes, otherwise you will not receive invitations to surveys for tokens consideration. Believe me, filling in the profile will not take you long and absolutely safe.

What can my account be blocked for?

Your account may be suspended:

  • for having an account registered with more than one IP;
  • for registration from several e-mail addresses;
  • for systematic violation of the rules.
Why do not I go through the selection criteria and can not participate in the survey?

If, when answering one of the first questions of the questionnaire, you received a similar message, it means that you do not meet the requirements of the research client.

I received an invitation to fill in a paid or a questionnaire. Why is the survey unavailable by link?

The survey may not be available if

  • You later opened the link from the invitation, and the required number of participants was already collected
  • The owner of the questionnaire suspended or forcibly completed the survey.

If you clicked on the link quickly enough, but the message says that the poll is complete, then the poll creator needed a small number of answers, which has already been typed. Invitations to completing the questionnaire are sent simultaneously to all eligible respondents.

Why do not I receive an invitation to fill in the paid profiles?

The absence of paid questionnaires may mean that in our client base there are no companies for which you are the target audience.

We draw your attention to the fact that the requirements for respondents and the amount of remuneration for participating in the survey directly depend on the organizations that carry out sociological and marketing research. With the help of the service, they create paid surveys and send them to those respondents who fit the requirements of a particular study, but, perhaps, already now another company, is preparing a survey for you.

Rewards and Withdrawal of Funds
What is the minimum amount for withdrawing funds?

Minimum amount for withdrawal — 100 VOTES

Any questions?

Contact us at [email protected]